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Effectively build relationships with social media marketing

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What is Social Media Marketing for your medical practice?

Today, social media has become one of the most powerful forms of online marketing, especially as a healthcare marketing strategy allowing doctors to engage and communicate with their patients easily, thus building a trusting and courteous doctor-patient relationship.
We spend a great deal of our time engaged within the web of social networks online with Facebook, Twitter, and Google + known to be the fastest growing social media sites to date. Social media marketing assists in establishing a platform where your medical services are displayed through sharing healthcare blog posts or relevant medical related articles with your patients, cultivating your practice to gain credibility and grow successfully. By engaging with your patients online, you gain feedback that initiates your strive to excel further surpassing competitors in your area of expertise.

Why choose Webby Desk Medical to meet your practice’s social media needs?

At Webby Desk Medical, we prioritize in creating content for your practice on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Active accounts as such, enable you, as doctors to gain an increased number of followers that improve your SEO, thus generating internet traffic to your website, promoting patient revenue for your practice.We understand that your practice is unique to you and maybe targeted towards a particular audience, and that is why our team of expert marketers design social media content according to your practice’s persona. Through means of social media, Webby Desk Medical utilizes a collaborative approach to encourage a more personal and compassionate engagement for your patients.

Social Media Marketing with Webby Desk Medical includes;

  • Personalized Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Yelp pages
  • Engaging and informative blog posts to enhance your medical services to attract new patients
  • Visual content to draw more clicks, likes and shares
  • Monitoring both negative and positive patient reviews to help promote patient referrals
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Speak to one of our marketing consultants about your needs & how we can help your practice.

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Some of our other services that may interest you:

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