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What is a Patient Review?

Patient reviews are a highly influential form of online content that continues to grow rapidly especially within the medical field. Frequently used social networking sites, such as Google + and Yelp allow users to post reviews and rate particular businesses or services. People read online patient reviews, both of a positive and negative nature, to determine whether or not your medical practice offers reputable services with the quality of care being an essential factor. Today, patient reviews have become the fundamental basis for any medical practice and can potentially influence new patients towards your practice.

How can patient reviews benefit your practice?

Nowadays, with a number of patients utilizing online reviews as a means of finding a new doctor, patient reviews have become a significant form of internet communication for the majority of healthcare providers playing a major role in promoting your medical services to new patients.
Potential benefits of patient reviews include;

  • A great marketing network for your practice attracting new patients while also retaining exiting patients
  • Potentially addressing negative feedback courteously prompting patients to reflect on their negative feedback
  • Enhancing your chances of gaining internet traffic, by improving your SEO and helping authorize your medical services with more patients visiting your practice.
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Why choose Webby Desk Medical to manage your patient reviews?

A major part of Google’s algorithm is involved with patient reviews where patient referrals on the web are an important source for such reviews. New patients are more likely to use online reviews as a first step to finding new doctors on social sites, such as Google + and Yelp and at Webby Desk Medical, our team of exceptional marketers aims to focus on developing an effective strategy that will encourage your satisfied patients to post positive reviews thus, ensuring your practice’s web directory listings remain up-to-date.We help in addressing negative patient reviews by devising strategies to resolve the issues, keeping your practice’s overall ratings high.

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