Logo Design & Branding

Create a brand that represents your practice

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Brand your practice on the internet

Webby Desk Medical does not just build awesome websites for medical practices, we also offer a creative branding strategy to how your website is bulid. Branding your practice is a major part of your online success. The use of colors, images, design details plays a huge factor in how your practice is represented. Our designers will work with you in achieve a presence that is unique to your practice. We always say “we build more than just websites, we build a holistic brand presence on the internet”.

Your logo design plays a huge role into your branding

If you look at your logo, and think it might need to be refreshed or if it is something that you feel is not you, we are here to solve your problem.

We offer a dynamic logo design service, where our designer will offer the following:

Design consultation – to go over your color preferences, any references you may have, and have your vision packed down on how you perceive your practice.
3 design options- we will offer 3 different designs you can choose from, based on your feedback.
Unlimited changes – after selecting the logo you like the most, we will keep working on it, until you are completely satisfied.

Are you looking to improve your online branding?

Speak to one of your marketing consultants on creating a effective brand on the web. Please fill out form below!

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Get In Touch

Speak to one of our marketing consultants about your needs & how we can help your practice.

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Some of our other services that may interest you:

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