Reach Patients In Their Inboxes

Setup a effective email campaign

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Get in your patients inboxes

Email marketing is a very effective tool for medical practices to keep in contact with their patients. Most people check their email multiple times a day; when they wake up, when they are in commute, on the dinner table and when they are in bed. We help practices set up a strategic plan to deliver interesting educational content, updates about the practice, and promotions.  We offer full service plans from helping build email subscribers, creating emails, scheduling campaigns, and providing analytic reporting.

Email list building

Before building a  email campaign, it is essential for high quality email list building. We help organize subscribers based on relevance to goals and campaign focus. Take for a example of a plastic surgery practice sending email blasts to Males about breast augmentations. We help guide how to acquire high quality subscribers and breakdown further into different segment lists.

Creating a high converting email

To have an email campaign be successful, the message need to be clear, interesting, and push for a call to action. We first create a subject line that will appeal subscribers to open the email and then create a body that will have readers interested. Our goal when working with practices is to have call to actions in place for the subscriber to convert into a visit while running an email campaign.

Measuring your email campaign success

An advantage of email marketing is that it is highly trackable. We analyze and provide performance reports based on essential metrics. We see how many subscribers opened the email, how many times did they open it, how many clicked on the call to action, and how many lead into a patient visit. Email marketing is an effective tool to build relationships and provide essentials information by a click of a button.

What You’ll Get.

  • Consultation
  • Email list building & management
  • Professional content writing
  • Manage frequency of email blasts
  • In-depth performance reporting
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Get In Touch

Speak to one of our marketing consultants about your needs & how we can help your practice.

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Some of our other services that may interest you:

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